Jair Trejo

Intermitent “callback not found” errors when reloading React Native app

After running my first React Native app in an actual phone, I went back to the simulator to tweek it a bit more. However, this weird red messages kept popping up intermitently after reloading.

"Callback with id 7:RCTAsyncLocalStorage.multi.Get() not found" didn’t tell me much. I had to disable bitcode compilation (don’t ask, I have no idea either) and lower the iOS target version to make the app work in my phone, so I fiddled with that. It didn’t work. I also tried restarting the simulator and then XCode itself. When I was about to restart the whole computer, I found the problem.

It seems React Native gets very confused if you have two Chrome debugging sessions open at the same time. Closing one of them solved the issue.