Jair Trejo

Leaving Vinco Orbis

Tomorrow is my last day at Vinco Orbis. I have been with the company for four wonderful, fun years full of learning.

It was an amazing experience. I was able to cut my teeth in professional web development with an incredible variety of projects, and had complete liberty on technological decisions. I perfected my knowledge of Python and learned a lot about frontend development, both from the technical side and from the UX side. And I had to deploy all of this myself in a secure, performant manner.

As the company grew, I came to have great fun leading very talented teams, working with clients on making visions into reality and developing managerial abilities that have been enormously useful in my daily life.

But I am now looking into going back to hands-on engineering, and starting on November I’ll have the opportunity to do just that with InstaEDU in San Francisco. I am looking forward to move to the US and jump into a new challenge.

I will miss the people and work at Vinco Orbis, but it is time to go. On to the next.